You Say You Want a Revolution

I was almost definitely born in the wrong era. If I could have been around in the 60's or 70's...all the amazing clothing...sigh...I am pretty sure I actually have a problem when it comes to thrifting for vintage and retro clothing. I am quite literally obsessed. I know, I know, buying into the whole consumerist infestation. BUT in my defense I do have a very strong argument in support of my, um, 'addiction'.

Firstly, buying second hand and vintage clothing is eco-friendly. I mean, you are actually recycling these items. If we didn't rescue this clothing it would end up in a landfill somewhere and take years and years to decompose. Secondly, I feel that because you are buying from thrift stores there is a good chance that no one else will have the same thing that you have. And this way you can be so much more creative with your outfits. In my opinion it is a form of art. Of course it isn't high art, but so what?? It can still be thought provoking, aesthetically pleasing and a form of expression.

That is why the outfit in this post is 90% vintage, thrift or DIY. So hands up for vintage people! Support the Retrovolution! (I saw someone use this term online somewhere and I just love it!)

Love & light,
M xx

P.S. I will be doing a DIY post soon so you can (hopefully) look forward to that!

(Also, these amazing pictures were taken by my sister, Emma <3 )


  1. very nice! you should post on reddit!!

  2. keep up.. i think ur born in right generation.. be bold enough to wear in public and let world think what they think... its only one life you it in the type of era you want.. :) :)

  3. Love this! It's so vintage and amazing looking!

    I'm your new follower! Please follow me:)