The Scarlet Letter

So I just watched Easy A for about the billionth time (I REALLY like this movie, okay) and I decided to share one of my favorite quotes with ya'll. (There are so many, this character is 50 shades of amazeballs). 

Here it is: 

"Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80's movies?
I want John Cusack holding a boombox outside my window.
I wanna ride off on a lawn mower with Patrick Dempsey.
I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me.
I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me.
Just once, I want my life to be like an 80's movies.
Preferably one with a really awesome musical number for no apparent reason.
But no. No. John Hughes did not direct my life." 

Olive Penderghast, you are my hero. 

Love & light, 
M xx 

P. S.: Emma Stone is awesome. I have a serious girl-crush on her. 

Just Call Me Jessica Rabbit

So I'm officially a red head. I actually have been one for over a week now but I guess I'm only posting about the change now. I get bored with my hair colour pretty quickly, so I like to change things up quite often. I have had brown hair, black hair, blonde hair, purple hair, green hair and now red hair. It's not the first time I've had red hair. My natural hair colour is browny auburn, but I haven't seen it since I was about thirteen. A few years ago when my hair was super long, like grazing my butt long, I dyed it red for a while. And now it's red again, and I have to say, I really like it! 

Anyway, the text portion of this post is pretty superficial and uninteresting but I don't really feel like talking about what is going on in my life at the moment and I think I have shared enough personal information in my previous couple of posts. All I can really share today is that change is inevitable. 

Love & light, 
M xx 

P. S.: Photographs courtesy of my lovely dad, Pat Sydie :) 

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Whaddup, Liebster Award!!!

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was nominated for both the Versatile Blogger Award and the Liebster Award - which I will be posting about today!!! :) A HUGE thank you to Stephanie from VidathingS for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award!!! Please check out her blog, like immediately, because it is all kinds of awesome!!! :) To have been nominated for this award and the Versatile Blogger Award, especially when my blog is still so new, is such an amazing honor and it really inspires me to continue growing and nurturing my blog. :)

  1. Share 11 things about  yourself
  2. Answer the 11 questions that your tagger gave you
  3. Choose 11 fellow blogs to nominate. The nominees must have less than 200 Google Friend Connect Followers and be told via comment on their blog
  4. Think of 11 questions to ask the bloggers that were nominated 
  5. Thank the person that nominated you and link back their blog

  1. My family is literally the most important thing in the world to me.
  2. I love being outdoors. I believe that too often we forget that we are a part of nature and inherently connected to it. 
  3. I hate technology but don't know how to live without it. 
  4. I am my biggest critic and my own worst enemy.
  5. Even though I think it's a good thing, I don't adapt easily to change. 
  6. I am obsessed with horror movies. Especially old, black and white vampire movies, like Nosferatu, and classic zombie movies a la George Romero. 
  7. One of my most pressing dreams is to see the world and have amazing, life-changing experiences. 
  8. Sometimes I wish my life was a little bit more like a John Hughes movie. 
  9. For a large part of my life all I wanted to do was be a classical musician. 
  10. I feel like my experience of high school poisoned me against things that are actually valuable in life. 
  11. I want to be a blues singer in a dark smokey club lounge. 


   1. How you love spending your time? The best way to spend my time is with my family. I am house-sitting 
       at the moment and experiencing severe separation anxiety! I also love getting lost in the world of literature 
       and music. 
   2. Two clothing items that you can't live without? At the moment I would have to say my high-waisted 
       shorts and crop tops (this will probably change soon, with winter drawing closer and all that)
   3. What can people learn from your blog? Or what do you want them to? Of course this is primarily a 
        fashion blog, so I hope to inspire others with my style (I feel quite narcissistic writing this). But my blog 
        isn't only about fashion. It's also about contemplating life and daily frustrations, so I hope my readers are 
        able to take something useful from my ramblings. 
    4. If you could pack your bags right now and move to another city, which one would it be? I'd 
         probably choose somewhere in Greece or Turkey, because I'm really fascinated by the culture at the 
    5. If you could meet one famous person, who would you choose? Hmm, this is a tough one, there are 
        so many inspiring figures. Can I choose someone who is dead?? Because I would love to be able to have
        a conversation with Michel Foucault or John Lennon. 
    6. A sunny day at the beach or a cold, snowy day at the mountains? A sunny day at the beach wins 
        every time. 
    7. Most amazing thing, memory or day of your life? This is such a difficult question to answer. I guess 
        the memory, or actually memories that stand out the most in my mind are those days in my childhood, 
        when everything was simple and life was full of promise. I remember days spent playing in the garden with
        my sister, building puzzles with my mom on rainy days, and getting piggy-back rides from my dad. It is 
        these moments that I cherish the most. 
    8. Favourite scent? The smell of bread baking is truly amazing. 
    9. Describe your style in 3 words. Eclectic, retro, colourful. 
  10. What is the motto of your life? "See everything, and ourselves in everything, healed and whole, forever".
  11. What is your favourite beauty product? Probably mascara...I have really pathetic eyelashes. 


   1. Who is your style icon??
   2. What are two of your worst habits?? 
   3. Are you a morning person or a night owl??
   4. What is your favourite song at the moment?? 
   5. What do you do if you are having a really bad day?? What calms you down?? 
   6. If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be??
   7. What would your superhero name be?? 
   8. What is your favourite accessory?? 
   9. What inspired you to start blogging?? 
  10. All time favourite movie?? 
11. If you were stranded on a desert island and could take 3 things with you (excluding human 
        beings), what would you choose to take?? 

  1. Galia from Fashionarted
  2. Smiley Clara from Ditsy Sprinkles 
  3. Blythe from Blue Roses
  4. Bianca from XOXO Lolita 
  5. JKal from Jkal's Vintage Affair 
  6. Kaitlyn and Lotte from Moon Magic 
  7. Ashley from The Little Dainty Sailor
  8. Lauren from Creativity is Blisss
  9. Anna from Annagram
  10. Fiona and Jenny from The Scarlet Ribbon  
  11. Mia from Fashionably Late  
These are some of the blogs that I have stumbled across recently and really enjoy reading, so please check 
them out - they are all so amazing!!! :) 

To all the nominees, please comment with a link to your Liebster Award post so I can read your answers!!! <3 

A huge thank you again to Stephanie from VidathingS for nominating me for this award!!! :) 

Love & light, 

M xx 

P. S. Tomorrow I will post a new outfit (with my new hair *wink* Ooh la la!!!) 

The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

I haven't posted anything, or even been online, for a while because I have been dealing with some personal stuff that I would rather not write about here. That said, I was so thrilled and honored when I logged on today and discovered that I have been nominated for both a Versatile Blogger Award by Holly-Bella Cassell from The Persephone Complex and a Liebster Award by Stephanie from VidathingS!!! :) Ermahgerd!!! Thank you both SO MUCH!!! I am sending the most positive vibes your way! :) If you haven't already checked out their blogs, please do so now because they are AMAZING - to have been nominated by these lovely ladies is totally awesome!!! :)

It really made my day to realize that people actually like and appreciate my blog (and that what I put out there isn't getting lost in cyberspace). I'm going to address the Versatile Blogger Award today because it was the first one that I was nominated for and tomorrow I will post about the Liebster Award :)

Allow me to escort you through this journey into the thoughts that travel through my weary mind...I will use some pictures as visual aids where I can.

Fact #1: Sometimes I wish my life was a musical. I couldn't tell you the amount of times I am struck by the desperate need to break into song. 

Fact #2: There are few things I enjoy more than losing myself in my writing. Sometimes I feel like reality is a prison. 

Fact #3: I'm petrified of the dark. I can't sleep in a house if there isn't at least one light on. 

Fact #4: I'm a neurotic, overly anxious, obsessive compulsive eccentric. Some people think I'm weird. I think I'm alternative. Maybe this is how I ended up as a philosophy student. 

Fact #5: I am, for the most part, a gigantic cynic but I think I might be a closet romantic. It's the only explanation I have for crying at the end of City of Angels (I generally find Meg Ryan and the romance genre rather painful). 

Fact #6: I really like chocolate and junk food. Which is terribly fattening and unhealthy. And I know this. But I don't care.  

Fact #7: I like things that are old - that transport me to a different time in history. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. Typewriters, Singer sewing machines and The Beatles make me feel warm inside in a way that I can't really explain. 

Fact #8: I feel slightly uncomfortable talking about myself. I think that technology coerces us into exploiting our 'personalities' and seduces us into thinking we are more important than we actually are. Most of us are guilty of this. Me included. 

Fact #9: I don't drink coffee, but I really, really, REALLY like tea. 

Share some facts about yourself
Nominate seven other bloggers, and let them know they've been picked
Link back to the blogger that nominated you
Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post!

Thank you SO freaking much again to Holly-Bella Cassell from The Persephone Complex for nominating me for this award!!! :)

Love & light,
M xx

In an Octopus's Garden, In the Shade

I have been feeling kind of out of sorts lately - frustrated and despondent. I can't seem to shake the feeling of wanting to run away and then the subsequent realization that I don't have anywhere to run to. A few days ago my dad and I went to Jeffreys Bay, a small surfing town less than an hour away from where we stay, to work on a freelance article. As we were driving into town I looked behind me and witnessed the first rays of sunlight creeping up of the mountains. I watched until the sun had fully risen into the misty morning sky. For a moment I lost myself in the overwhelming beauty of nature. We spent a lot of time walking on the beach. As cliched as it might sound, it was thrilling to kick my shoes off and feel the warm sand between my toes, the crisp sea breeze on my face. I dipped my toes in the numerous rock pools scattered across the beach and let the salty water soak my tired feet. During that time I forgot about everything that has been weighing on me - every problem, every worry dissolved. And I felt free. Of course, the minute I was back in the car and was back with my cell phone I lost that feeling of liberation. So since then, every time that I feel like I'm being pushed towards the edge I close my eyes and try to recapture what that sense of freedom felt like by remembering what it was like on the beach. This whole account probably sounds kind of pretentious and self-absorbed, but it is what I need sometimes to get through the tough parts in life. Besides, I believe that appreciating the beauty of nature, and our place in the world as part of nature, is extremely therapeutic. 

What do you do to help you get through the rough days?? Share your moments with me :) 

Love & light, 
M xx 

P. S.: Photographs courtesy of Pat Sydie :) 

Degenerate Beauty Queen

I think I day dream way too often. Can a person be a chronic day dreamer?? Well, if one can, I definitely am. Maybe it's because I don't sleep at night, but I am so often lost in a dreamy haze. Especially when I'm driving and listening to a really great song that makes me feel like a character in an epic novel. Sometimes I pretend I'm a heroine driving into the sunset on an open road, with no destination - only possibility. Perhaps it is when I do actually sleep (I have had insomnia since a child so the most I sleep a night is four hours. Six hours is like heaven) I have atrocious, violent nightmares which tend to torture my already-jumbled psyche. So I suppose these day dreams are a sort of escape for me. Anyway, the reason I shared this is because these pictures kind of remind me of my day dreams - hazy and a little romantic but with a hint of edge. (I'm also quite obsessed with this bowler hat, just saying).

Just a quick shout out to my wonderful and dear friend, Lauren Boyd, for taking these beautiful pictures at her amazing new house :) Thank you so much, Lauren!!! :) xx

What do you guys day dream about?? Any other insomniacs out there?? :)

Love & light,
M xx

Rockabilly Revival

I am completely obsessed with Quentin Tarantino's films. I was able to watch Django Unchained at the cinema a little while ago and it totally exceeded my expectations!!! So the other day I stumbled across the very first movie Tarantino ever made. It is called My Best Friend's Birthday and it is only half a movie because the second half was lost in a fire. But it is still classic Tarantino, and personally I thought it was pretty fantastic. It's super raw and resembles a shitty home video from the 1980's (kind of like the home movies I have from when I was a kid, haha). I still can't help loving it though! Tarantino is just the maestro of cool. So I guess I'm sort of addicted to anything Rockabilly right now.

What have you watched recently that has stuck in your mind?? Or any all time favourites?? :)

Love & light,
M xx

P. S.: Photographs courtesy of my lovely Dad :)