In an Octopus's Garden, In the Shade

I have been feeling kind of out of sorts lately - frustrated and despondent. I can't seem to shake the feeling of wanting to run away and then the subsequent realization that I don't have anywhere to run to. A few days ago my dad and I went to Jeffreys Bay, a small surfing town less than an hour away from where we stay, to work on a freelance article. As we were driving into town I looked behind me and witnessed the first rays of sunlight creeping up of the mountains. I watched until the sun had fully risen into the misty morning sky. For a moment I lost myself in the overwhelming beauty of nature. We spent a lot of time walking on the beach. As cliched as it might sound, it was thrilling to kick my shoes off and feel the warm sand between my toes, the crisp sea breeze on my face. I dipped my toes in the numerous rock pools scattered across the beach and let the salty water soak my tired feet. During that time I forgot about everything that has been weighing on me - every problem, every worry dissolved. And I felt free. Of course, the minute I was back in the car and was back with my cell phone I lost that feeling of liberation. So since then, every time that I feel like I'm being pushed towards the edge I close my eyes and try to recapture what that sense of freedom felt like by remembering what it was like on the beach. This whole account probably sounds kind of pretentious and self-absorbed, but it is what I need sometimes to get through the tough parts in life. Besides, I believe that appreciating the beauty of nature, and our place in the world as part of nature, is extremely therapeutic. 

What do you do to help you get through the rough days?? Share your moments with me :) 

Love & light, 
M xx 

P. S.: Photographs courtesy of Pat Sydie :) 


  1. The beach, for me is the best place to go when seeking relaxation and to meditate.Anywhere outdoors is great. Amazing photos!

  2. You have such a lovely blog dear! This outfit is so light and pretty! I am very envious of your background, I wish I was walking on the beach in the sun!(And I would have to say my dog helps me get through each day; a dog's perpetual high spirit is bound to put a smile on one's face)

  3. OMG,I'm so with you!!But I think this kind of feelings only appear in spring.The weather is complicated and so are you.At least I feel like that on spring.I don't even understand my own mood.So that's okay,take it easy and don't let your mind worry too much.Just relax,that would be my advice because time goes so fast and you don't understand it.And I want to say amazing view and great photos!Your outfit is so simple yet so chic.I really like it!It goes great with the mood.
    P.S : I'm definetely gonna buy one of these skirts.Looking great!
    I'm following you through G+ and Bloglovin.
    Let us know more about your mood,hope you feel better soon

  4. Love the skirt!
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  5. Lovely outfit! Really like the colour of your skirt :) x

  6. You have a wonderful blog dear, love your outfit, especially the flowy skirt.

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  7. Such calming pictures! Thank you for your comment and follow :)

  8. Beautiful!
    When things get you down try and think about the good things you have in your life - there is always someone with more problems that worse off than you.

  9. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! All the info is on my blog, if you want to take part! xoxo :D

  10. I love the skirt, and the shooting location is amazing. :)

  11. love your look and those are very very beautiful pictures! love the skirt and ur very beautiful my dear :)

  12. Love your post! I really enjoy walking at the beach at night, I completelly understand what you were feeling:) For a moment you just forget about everything and letting yourself free, I so need this right now! Love your outfit as well! Gorgeous colour of skirt:)

    P.S - I love your blog, really enjoy reading it and that's why I have nominated you with the Liebster Award!:)

  13. These pictures are beautiful! Wish I could get some beach time in. Damnit Midwest!

    xo Ashley

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  15. Beautiful pics and amazing location!
    Love your style!

    Have a nice WE!

  16. Love your chiffon skirt <3
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  17. love that mint skirt!! Want one! :)

  18. Great outfit! love the color of your skirt! <3
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