Rockabilly Revival

I am completely obsessed with Quentin Tarantino's films. I was able to watch Django Unchained at the cinema a little while ago and it totally exceeded my expectations!!! So the other day I stumbled across the very first movie Tarantino ever made. It is called My Best Friend's Birthday and it is only half a movie because the second half was lost in a fire. But it is still classic Tarantino, and personally I thought it was pretty fantastic. It's super raw and resembles a shitty home video from the 1980's (kind of like the home movies I have from when I was a kid, haha). I still can't help loving it though! Tarantino is just the maestro of cool. So I guess I'm sort of addicted to anything Rockabilly right now.

What have you watched recently that has stuck in your mind?? Or any all time favourites?? :)

Love & light,
M xx

P. S.: Photographs courtesy of my lovely Dad :)


  1. De lo mas trendy enseñando tripita!!

    Quiero sol ya!!

    Un besazo

  2. Cute look! I like your horse necklace.

  3. I love your messy bun and this outfit! It's perfect for spring season :) Nice blog!!

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  10. Ohhh how cute and nice is your dad, taking these photos for you. He's quite the photographer hey!

    Love the backdrop with the ladder, very nice! Beautiful as always.


  11. Cool photos!!!
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  12. I do like this outfit! I want summer <3 xoxo darling <3

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  15. you are stunning <3
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  16. Gorgeous photos! Love the maxi skirt!

  17. Absolutely love the tackies - where on earth did you find them?????

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