Cotton Candy Polka Dots

I love summer. I really do. But it has been TOO hot lately! I literally have to shower at least twice a day just to cool down. This was a particularly hot day. Plus I had to drive for 50 kilometers to university and back. Without aircon. Unfortunately I do not have such luxuries. Luckily I managed to put together an outfit that was pretty cooling and that I actually liked! These shorts are pretty airy and I love the polka dot print. Also the top is quite loose and roomy so I was able to get some air! I had to put my hair up because it was just too hot to wear it loose. 

I hope you like this outfit! :) Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Love & light, 
M xx

P.S.: My lovely Dad took these pictures as well :) Thanks Dad! <3 

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  1. Nice to mention the top is courtesy of my mother!
    Great blog and of course beautiful model!