Crucify Your Mind

I decided to create this post in anticipation of the colder months of the year. We are headed for Autumn on this side of the equator. Although, honestly, I do not feel it yet. It is still so hot I can barely motivate myself to do anything! But, it is starting to get darker earlier in the evenings (which upsets me because that fact that it is still light until after 8 pm is one of my favourite things about Summer.) And because I am an insomniac and hardly ever sleep I also know that the sun is starting to rise later in the mornings. The most I sleep a night is usually 4 or 5 hours and never continuously, I have terrible nightmares and wake up constantly. What keeps you awake at night??

Even though I am going to miss Summer, I am actually looking forward to the cooler seasons. What is your favourite season?? :)

Love & light,
M xx

P. S. Pictures courtesy of Pat Sydie :)


  1. I really like your dress, and your shoes :) it's actually winter here, but still pretty warm compared to real winters...I don't miss the summer yet. :)

  2. Great outfit! It's the example that accessories can make our apparel something more than just clothes :) I really miss summer, I just hate winter it's the worst season for me. I hope to move out to some warmer climate in the future. I'm following on Bloglovin. Follow me too ?

  3. loving your nails!


  4. Thanks for comment :)
    I love this outfit ;)
    kiss from

  5. Love your nails! Love this... it's a really great look :)

    Lorna. x

  6. I love everything about this outfit!:) Especially your dress & shoes.x
    I like winter but I had enought of it, I just want summer or at least warmer days!:)