And Her Arms Were Branches Dancing With the Breeze...

"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming, or tedious." 

- Oscar Wilde

I wander through the halls of my life, my eyes glazed over and my mind numb. The various passages seem unfamiliar to me. I am in autopilot, smiling when necessary, revealing little of my true state. 

When I close my eyes I am in limbo, my naked body floating in a sea of blackness. My head is underwater and all I can hear is the dull thudding, reminding me that my heart is still beating. 

Somewhere else, in a cage, I am screaming with such force that my cheeks are ripping open and my gums are bleeding. I am falling down a never-ending rabbit hole. My body aches to be caught, to be held, to be squeezed. 

My life is simulacra and I am nothing but a vessel.

M xx

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