Happiness Is...

The relative guilt I feel for abandoning my blog for such an extended period of time is increasingly overshadowed by my adoration for what can only be described as the most gorgeous creature ever to exist. My love for animals and my unrelenting persistence in begging my father for a puppy finally paid off. Despite my previous disdain for those people who Tweet, Facebook and Instagram countless pictures of their animals with silly captions, I have unwittingly become one of them, and the amount of fucks I give is less than none. Pepper is undoubtedly the most beautiful thing that has ever walked the earth. And our love for one another is unconditional. 

So I apologize for my abandonment of all of you two-legged followers out there, I have been rather consumed with the four-legged enigma who has stolen my heart. 

Love & light, 
M xx 

P.S. Stay tuned, more fashion-related and pseudo-intellectual (i.e. me being pretentious with my extensive vocabulary) posts to follow. 


  1. I understand so adorable I also am a petlover consume with two chihuahas one smooth coat female and long hair male they my bestfriends also guilty on instagram. Here its my link beautify11jackie we could follow each other.

  2. OH GOD what a cutie! I totally understand. No explanation needed :) lol


  3. omgomgomg. your puuy is so cute i want to die. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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  5. Oh I love so much your header (the way you've written the title is so original) and the puppy is sooo cute :3
    Waiting you in my blog!


  6. Loved <3
    Visit my blog ?

  7. Great post! Love your blog, how about we follow each other via GFC? (google friend connect) just let be know on my blog and I'll be sure to follow back! x


  8. I love your photos of Pepper! Gorgeous dog xx

    Also love the ring on your left hand (as you look at the photo, so actually your right hand) - fab!

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