One Day Baby, We'll Be Old, Old Baby

Welcome to my fashion blog :)

I believe that fashion is an form of art as well as an expression of someone's personality. I am obsessed with all things vintage. The sweater I am wearing in this post is actually my sister's but I just love the Aztec inspired pattern. It is second hand and we got it from a local charity shop. I bought the shorts from an online thrift store called The Thrift Collection. Sunglasses are my kryptonite. I must have about 40 pairs. I got these round John Lennon sunglasses from Old Street's online Facebook page. I am indeed a self-proclaimed thrift aficionado, which is why the boots are from a local second hand clothing store called Posh Poppet Clothing. The jewelry is mostly Mr Price, except for the earrings which I made myself.

Please feel free to comment and let me know how much you love my style ;)

Love and light,
M xx

P.S. All the stores and brands mentioned in this post can be found on Facebook :)

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  1. I must say I like the way photograph you fashon editorial. Very good job on your part and the photographer. Giving us a close up shot of the accesories and full shots of the whole look really allow viewers to grasp the feeling of the outfit :)